Required Qualities of a Good Sponsor in a MLM Company


Finding a good sponsor to join an mlm company is very critical. Even if the company itself is reputable and with a strong business growth plans, but your sponsor is not the best one for you then it may lead to your failure. Having a good sponsor is as important as joining a good mlm company.

It is important to do a thorough research about the potential sponsors and not just decide to have someone a sponsor because he/she introduced you to the business. It is true that sponsor is not responsible for your success but he/she definitely plays a part in your efforts towards success.

Many beginners have sponsors without giving much of a thought or out of obligation. They either select someone from the family or friends out of relation and then they find out that they are not having those qualities of a good sponsor. They do not have much idea of what is MLM, what is internet marketing. Leave aside the training and mentoring, the person does not have any idea of what he/she is doing.

Many times, someone introduces you to the opportunity, but somehow you feel that this is the kind of Mlm Company I want to join but does want to have this kind of sponsor.

Many people, make some search on the internet and think that he/she is a good sponsor. They find his/her online presence quite good and conclude that it is ok to have this sponsor. They do not double check with the references or any other people to find out more about that person. Many times the selection turns out to be fine but many times it is a scam or a disaster.

And you find that your sponsor is

  • Not reachable
  • Not giving you enough guidance
  • Does not return your email or calls
  • Is not able to answer my queries
  • Has not internet marketing knowledge
  • And various other reasons….


  • First of all, you need to select a good MLM company. Don’t go with the opportunities that are offered to you but you find out the good opportunity and the good company. The company should have a good reputation, good products, ethical business practices, success stories etc.
  • After narrowing down on a company on the basis of above criterion, search for some successful people in it. Find out more about their background, their knowledge, their strong points, their attitude towards business as well as other people and what made them successful. On the basis of all such research, who can be best for you depending on your goal and your knowledge?

After this initial screening look for other qualities which are needed in a good sponsor…..

Is he/ she supportive? Does she/he have leadership quality? Is he/she available?

When you are new to MLM business, you definitely needs someone who can guide you strong at the initial stage. You need training, you need support from the organisation to understand about the company, its products, it compensation plan, and various other things. You may even have queries at many times so is your sponsor available to you at those times or does he/she get back to you? Does he/she reply your emails or return back your calls. These are all the leadership qualities which a new entrant looks at and takes him/her as a role model.

Is he/she enthusiasts? Is he/she actively building their business? Are they developing their business online?

If the answers to above question is no then better select some other sponsor. If they are not enthusiastic, you will feel bored eventually. If they are not actively building business then they will not be interested in promoting you. Nowadays online presence is a must and if your sponsor is not much keen on going online or does not know how to leverage online avenues then he may not be able to impart the keys to generate leads online.

Is sponsor energetic/positive? Possess good knowledge base?

These are two qualities must for a sponsor. As a beginner, these are the qualities you look up in to your sponsor because a positive and energetic start is always looked forward for a new beginning.

Does he or she have good knowledge of how the mlm business works? Does he knows the criticality of every aspect and is he able to impart you the same knowledge to you or are you left on your own to discover the things?

These are some of the many qualities which are desirable in a sponsor of Mlm Company. One needs to be smart to get a smart sponsor to star right and progress well in the business.


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