Use of Social Media in Network Marketing


Today, the new platform where you can connect with your friends, share your likes and dislikes, endorse your views and even products is the “social media”. It is the most happening thing to have hit the web, but are these networks big enough to use in network marketing?  The largest social networks based on active monthly users are Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest with 200 million active monthly users each. That is a huge volume of social network happening, so do you think you can use it for your network marketing?

Social media is the one place where you can build lasting relationships and trust for your target market, but most importantly, you should remember that it is not a market place where you can sell things. Social media networking had been created specifically for people to meet, reconnect with old friends, and catch up with classmates, and you can use all these connections to further your network marketing business. However, as with all businesses you need to be smart, in order to tactfully convert these connections into your clients.

Here is how you can go about doing it:

Firstly you need to select your target niche, connect with people, talking and commenting on the issues and the issues that your product may help resolve. You need to provide informative and quality content, which would help your target audience address their problems, and then you can lead them to a place where they can subscribe to your list, but keep the supply of good content constant.

Stating a few examples;

On Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites, you can search for your target groups and join them; you can make friends with all the members of the group, as mainly they would be like-minded people. Join in the discussions that take place on the various issues, it would be more of a learning and sharing experience as you can learn and share the expertise with other members.

You could also start your own group and invite like-minded people to join it. You can also use the twitter search to find people.

Providing quality content is the most essential thing required to build lasting relationships, but do not forget to add a link at the end of your article to lead people for more information to you.

Meeting and Connecting with people is the most important aspect of network marketing and what better place to do so than on social media!


Internet And Network Marketing, Can They Blend?

network marketing

In Network Marketing today, you receive a glossy distributor’s handbook, there is the company website as well a specific distributor page. Earlier, the blending of the internet with network marketing was considered more of an oil and water mix; however, it is a very different mix today.

The antiquated tactics of harassing friends and family, approaching uninterested strangers, and distributing flyers, business cards and brochures will not do much for you in today’s internet world.

The advent of social media has made the internet a perfect platform for network marketers to exchange their views and ideas, along with information that can allow a relationship to thrive.
Now, you need not be a computer expert, even an average person with limited computer skills can give value, exchange information and ideas, share videos, articles, and have the opportunity to reach out to more number of people at practically no cost.

With so much power at your fingertips and with the free flowing exchange of ideas and views, the internet is now become a hot bed for network marketers to attract interested prospects to them.

Network Marketing is a business involving people, even though the email is a great way to communicate, it does not provide the same quality of interaction you can get by talking on the phone, however the email works as an advantage, for when you want to call prospects in different countries.

The internet is also perfect for lead generation in network marketing. You now have a huge database of information where you can capture names and email addresses.

Social Media on the internet has become the perfect platform to make new friends, advertise your products as well as recommend products

Connecting with people is the base on which network marketing functions, when combined with the internet it works as a perfect marriage, between two well-matched aspects and can only work in your favor. However while using the internet you need not forget even the conventional methods, it is up to you how best you maintain a balance between them to your advantage.

The Components Of A Successful MLM


For anyone confused or unaware on how the multi-level marketing actually works, here is a brief of the key structure on what contributes to the working of it. It is a business structure, which is based on the sale of products and services sold by the representatives or agents of the company;   so how is it actually different from a regular business structure. The main key in MLM are the distributors, they are also customers of the products, and the integral part is the recruitment of new distributors.



The integral component to the structure of any MLM are the distributors. Generally, MLM companies function by signing up a large numbers of sales people, also known as distributors. These individuals usually pay a fee or have to purchase the products of the company, for the right to distribute and sell the products of the company, recruit more distributors, and earn a commission.



 Another important feature of the MLM Structure is the recruitment. Depending on the compensation plans adopted by the company, MLM recruitment is usually unlimited in the number of levels of distributors. Most MLMs usually have at least four levels of distributors. However, the success of any individual involved in MLM largely depends on their ability to recruit more and more distributors.


commission-mlmDistributors usually earn commissions through selling products and recruiting new agents.  With the recruitment comes, the multiple levels. All the recruits are on a level under the recruiter and the company pays a commission on their sales. However, a unique component of MLM is that, you can earn a commission on the sales done by the person you have recruited. Likewise, the person who recruited you gets a commission on your sales. If the person you have recruited, recruits anyone that is another level, bringing you more commissions. Generally, the compensation systems are often so complex, that it is always better to get the details before joining a network.

Although many individuals are hesitant about committing themselves to any MLM opportunity, many people have ideas of MLM being a fraud, which is not necessarily true. There are many legitimate and promising MLM opportunities and several MLM Success Strategies that can help anyone interested in joining any such a company.