Network Marketing Trend 2014: New Year New Beginning.

Network Marketing or MLM Industry requires no introduction today. It is indisputably a major source of employment globally especially in U.S.A.

In this fragile world only Change is static!  Network marketing industry also witnessing some glaring, new trends in 2014. Have a look on new perspective of MLM industry:

  1. Technology: The use of technology is not new in MLM but it continues to rule the roost as of now. MLM business has broken the entire barrier in expansion; every company has its distributor and client base in every part of the globe. Manually it’s impossible to track your business hence there is bee line of MLM Software providers in every nook & corner.

The use of technology in MLM is not limited to expand only:

  • Communication will be smoother.
  • Training will be imparted by different technology means.
  • Encouragement and to motivate distributors you may found “Motivational SMS” directly to your mobile.
  • Keep a track on your down line.

  1. App: The year 2013 was undoubtly was “APP Year”! Every other company is accepting “Mobile App”, a best way to connect with their customers on the go. Whether it is Video presentation, online recruitment of down line or to transfer money even networking has made easy with this “App” or “mobile technology.

  1. Health is Wealth: Growing concern over health and wellness has caught the attention of MLM companies. Now more and more companies are promoting health and wellness products. Whether the product constitutes “Dietary supplements”, “Weight management pills-course”, or ever green “Beauty & Cosmetics products”, you will found maximum penetration.

  1. Social media: Every industry is taking advantage of burgeoning importance of social media. Network marketing industry is no exception. Use of social media, blogging will pave their way to provide awareness regarding product, offering etc. Direct selling will now don the garb of “Extensive use of Social media-Banner ad “to catch the attention.  Now Facebook will not only used by companies but distributors will also take advantage of that by:
  • To promote the product offered by MLM Company.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Recruitment of down line.

  1. Road Block: Every growth comes with obstacle. In recent years MLM Companies are accused of applying unethical business, which lead to huge commotion worldwide. The year will find new regulation, rule to keep Network Marketing on government radar. Many new laws in domestic as well International level will find their ways in Network marketing to facilitate an ethical, equal business environment to distributors as well public.

Nonetheless, the industry will come out of that and will usher in new era of growth in 2014 mark by growth in business as well as in employment generation.


Grow Your MLM Business With Email Marketing

MLM business has always ignore ‘Email marketing’, as a robust marketing tool to grow the business.

All of you must have heard E mail marketing before, yet let me explain once again for your perusal. ‘Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your business and this is one of the key ways to promote your business and also act as miracle as referral business’.

Build your list quickly: As a business owner you need prospects need to be build. Cater E mail id, you can find it easily through search engine or by paid sources. Send your prospects the mail referring them about the company, its offering. Not to be forget always mention ‘His/her advantage ‘, why they join your company.

Newsletter: Always put ‘Sign up for Newsletter column’, on your website. People will sign up, and you will get their mail id. Send them some promotional or offer mail, which will keep them update about companies happening.

Information: Use ‘Email marketing’, as a tool to provide information to your down line regarding any change or modification in payout calculation or in plan.

In nutshell use ‘E mail marketing’, to promote your network marketing business and get them up-to-date regarding new happenings.