MLM Software- International Features You Should Go For

MLM business that provide employment opportunity to millions of people directly or indirectly has its own edge when comes in term of expansion! Every business requires expansion at specific time but as far as network marketing business concern the time comes little early. The reason behind that:

  • MLM business does not require office or other infrastructure requirement, so it can easily be expand worldwide.
  • Anybody from everywhere can be a distributor of MLM company so, another merit in International expansion.
  • Many a time domestic country fails to provide adequate revenue to MLM Company that times the need arise for International expansion.

The above enumerated facts push the cart of International expansion. Now a big question mark has been put on the capability of MLM software! We invest once on software hence it ought to be capable enough when you think of going abroad. MLM Blaster the chain marketing software from the renowned house of Sankalp boasts International features such as:

  • Configuration should be possible: MLM Blaster is capable of configuration as per requirement and need of specific country.
  • Multi language facility: Global expansion is not possible until your MLM software does not understand multi language. MLM Blaster is multi language software for your International business.
  • Multi currency facility: Whether it is calculation of payout or any other activity, MLM Blaster possesses multi currency facility for your mlm business.
  • Setting of tax rate percentage as per specific country: In India which is VAT differ in other country with their specific tax rate or percentage.
  • Replicated Websites with Personalized Web Address: MLM Blaster facilitates you with replicated website along with personalized web address.
  • Different payment gateway: Payment gateway differs from location to location. MLM blaster facilitates different payment gateways as per requirement.
  • Enrollment Options: Some prefer enrolment by e wallet, some by e-pin again it differ from country to country. MLM Blaster provides you freedom to choose enrollment option as per your need.
  • Tax ID or identification per country: In India we use PAN card for identification some countries use passport or any other. Going Global, need not to be worried till our MLM Software provides your required choice of selecting identification card.
  • Country specific shipping methods: Different way of delivery of goods includes freight, train, courier or other mode of transport. MLM Blaster gives you the option to select your preferred mode of shipping without any compromising.

MLM Blaster is a complete set of software which has made the direct selling business more smooth and enjoyable. It was just a snapshot of our varied features, to check more visits: