Which MLM software is good for start ups

Why Ventaforce is the best direct selling software for start – ups?


Research has proved that more than 60% of the population holds positive approach towards entrepreneurship & today more and more people want to be entrepreneurs and network marketing is one area of business which provides them the means to be in a business run by them. The global rise in network marketing entrepreneurship is at a staggering high if numbers are any indication. This realization, makes more people venture off as MLM entrepreneurs. What’s crucial though here is the foundation on which they build their startups.

Ventaforce – An unparalleled solution to your needs

With technological advancements & e-commerce bloom, the parameters of success often depend on how strongly your startup evolves on the global platform. Therefore, it is of great import to associate with a compelling technology partner. Trust your MLM business to a software company who are the industry leaders, ensuring success at every step for your startup. Ventaforce, a direct selling software solution developed by Sankalp Solutions is the will take your business to greater heights. Ventaforce is in operation since 2001 and is accepted as an MLM software global leader. So, what are the parameters that render Ventaforce as a best direct selling software for start-ups, let us explore these:

  • Feature Rich – Ventaforce is a software that is laden with a rich array of highly advanced features. It would be highly recommended for a startup to get empowered with a software which is the perfect blend of technology with proficiency. Ventaforce is packed with some exceptional features such as Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-Vendor, Website Replication, E-Commerce & Multiple Payment Systems Integration. These & many other features make Ventaforce the perfect solution to cater to the rising demands of any MLM startup.
  • Service Ready – Ventaforce is designed by a dedicated team of highly skilled professional with expertise in domain knowledge. This makes Ventaforce, a unique & versatile MLM software that can be customized according to the client’s needs. Not just this Ventaforce is equipped with a pluggable architecture that enhances its scalability. Along with this, clients will also vouch for an unparalleled sales process and a dedicated support team assisting with around the clock service.
  • Cost Effective – It is a key concern for any start-up to marginalize their costs, and associating with Ventaforce, they can rest assured on that front. While quality remains the chief ingredient of the Sankalp philosophy, it ensures that Ventaforce provides a value for money experience, as this is a low – cost direct selling software.
  • Expansive Range of Plans – A business that is about to establish its footing in the MLM business world would benefit tremendously with a software solution that supports an entire gamut of MLM plans & Ventaforce provides just that very option. So here we why Binary, Matrix, Board, Generation, Hybrid and the Differential Plan all available for your picking. Along with this your business also stands to gain from the guidance that the team at Sankalp offers in selecting the plan for your business.

So get to embark on your MLM journey as you partner with the world leader in Direct Selling Software solutions.


Understand the MLM Compensation Plan

One of the most important aspects of Multilevel Marketing is the Compensation Plan. Unfortunately, most of the distributors fail to understand the various compensation plans being utilized in the network marketing industry.

In multilevel marketing, distributors earn their income called commissions and bonus through the compensation plan based on their ability and performance. The commission is the amount that is earned by the distributors when he sells the product in the market purchased from the company.

While Bonus is the amount paid on downline sales. In general, there is two type of bonus.

It is highly recommended to select MLM compensation plan after taking into account many fact and figures. The factors which need to be considered are:

Product Type: Closely evaluate the type of product for which compensation plans need to be used. Binary or Matrix plan can be used for virtually any type of product range.

Experience: The level of experience a company possesses in the industry. Binary, Stairaway compensation or board plan can be used by the company who is 1 day old as these are very easy to operate.

Country: As far as MLM is considered one also need to take the country into account. Some compensation plans are banned in some location. So carefully select the country in which you want to operate or expand.

Altogether there are different compensation plans likewise:

Just keep in mind the above points while choosing the perfect compensation plan that would provide the attractive commission and lucrative bonus.

Shape Your MLM Business Online With MLM Software

Thanks to internet, building business has become immensely easy. While you are in network marketing, you have to come up with different ways to spread the word about your products. For MLM software too, you have to be well-versed with online marketing. However, apart from traditional ways of marketing, you can now have a successful online marketing strategy for your business too! Every person wants to build an online business, but lack of knowledge averts him from doing so. To know how to start your business online, read on.

Target Audience:

This is very important while starting a business, especially network marketing business. You should be well aware about your future prospects. These prospects can be housewives to close friends to head honchos. Solve this riddle first and then start working on the strategy. Choose your audience wisely because they are one who are going to help you grow!

Choosing The Platform:

This is a pretty simple step yet plays a vital role. Decide first hand that, do you want to blog, upload videos or run a Facebook Page or Twitter Handle. Your platform is your source of content. People can access salient features of your products and also connect with you through these platforms. If you are confused which one is the best, then start with one social media platform and eventually broaden your horizon.

Pulling Traffic:

On the internet, pulling people towards your product is important and this is how you will have a base of spectators. You should definitely have a budget for this particular section. You can make use of Pay Per Clicks, Banner ads, Article marketing, etc., for attracting audiences.

USP Of The Product:

If you want to stand out in the crowd, then your products should have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). With USP, you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Moreover, if you want followers then you will have to figure out features that make your product unique.

Trial And Error:

This aspect plays a vital role when you are into business. Try free traffic as well paid traffic and see how the response has been. Go through study materials and blogs which will help you in churning out ways of marketing.


This software is the best way to manage your leads. It helps in keeping a constant communication with your leads and also automatically follow-ups. With auto-responder, your leads will have a feeling that you are keeping a track with them and you care. You can also synchronise your auto-responder with your blogs, podcast etc.


This is immensely important, even though you are using an auto-responder. When you yourself call up your leads to know about their whereabouts, they feel good that they are being remembered. If not call, you can also send emails in a week, to let them know about new developments. Your aim should always be, to educate them about your latest offerings. Follow-ups thoroughly help in building the business as well as trust.

To strike a balance, carry out offline activities too! These offline activities can be a boon for people who are uncomfortable with online business! So, design a game-plan and grow your business to far-reaching heights!

Is MLM Not That Good Word?


Have you been befuddled about how a Home Business works? Obviously you have, a large portion of us have. A great many people have heard the term MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and generally toward the end of that, “plan” is included – giving the entire plan of action a horrible name. How about we change your negative discernment and let you know how your Great Aunt Joan, really earned that pink Cadillac from Mary Kay! It’s splendid truly…

A large portion of the longest standing relating in this nation have this plan of action. It is a showcasing methodology in which the business power is repaid for deals they actually produce, as well as for the offers of others they select, making a downline of merchants and a progressive system of different levels of pay. Most generally, the sales representatives are required to offer items specifically to purchasers by method for relationship referrals and verbal showcasing. Sounds genuine right – so why the terrible press?

Well MLM organizations have been a continuous subject of feedback and the objective of claims. Feedback has concentrated on their comparability to unlawful fraudulent business models (subsequently the “plan” reference), value settling of items, high beginning start-up costs, accentuation on enlistment of lower-layered sales representatives over genuine deals, encouraging if not requiring salesmen to buy and utilize the organization’s items, potential abuse of individual contacts which are utilized as new deals and selecting targets, complex and once in a while overstated remuneration plans, and religion like systems which some gatherings use to improve their individuals’ excitement and dedication. Eesh!

In any case, as previously stated, you may know individuals that offer items from, Advocare, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay and so forth (see more organizations in our Featured Home Businesses segment). You know a single person who offer these sorts of items since they trust in the items and the organizations that remain behind them. These organizations engage the individuals who offer their items to really set up their own organizations, offering the items. This is exceptionally alluring to numerous entrepreneurial-minded individuals who would prefer not to have a supervisor viewing from them additionally required some pre-built up structure and backing. Most MLM associations give an exceptionally strong framework and awesome preparing and additionally faultless prizes (hi free autos and treks!).

I as of late talked with San Diego based, Vicki Martin, about her discussion with Rodan + Fields. Here’s her thought on her home business and why the open door was so good for her and her family members, “The choice to join Rodan + Fields Dermatologists came effortlessly. From 2008 the development business [which I was beforehand in] has been hit hard by our monetary downturn and my wage has been enormously influenced. We were working harder for less like a considerable lot of our companions. Being a part of Rodan Fields Dermatologists is permitting me to work with profoundly instructed individuals who share an energy for business and for collaboration. Building a repeating, lingering salary that develops month over month is going to give my better half and I the genuine feelings of serenity and money related flexibility that is so indispensably imperative to our future. My skin looks better than anyone might have expected. Furthermore, I get the opportunity to work my employment around whatever remains of my life rather than the a different way.”

Using Internet You Can Promote Your Network Marketing Business


In Network Marketing today, you get a shiny merchant’s handbook, there is the organization site too a particular wholesaler page. Prior, the mixing of the web with system advertising was viewed as a greater amount of an oil and water blend; in any case, it is an altogether different blend today.

The out of date strategies of badgering loved ones, drawing nearer uninterested outsiders, and disseminating flyers, business cards and pamphlets won’t do much for you in today’s web world.

The appearance of online networking has made the web a flawless stage for system advertisers to trade their perspectives and thoughts, alongside data that can permit a relationship to flourish.

Presently, you require not be a PC master, even a normal individual with constrained PC abilities can give esteem, trade data and thoughts, offer recordings, articles, and have the chance to connect with more number of individuals at essentially no expense.

With such a great amount of force readily available and with the free streaming trade of thoughts and perspectives, the web is currently turned into a hot bed for system advertisers to draw in intrigued prospects to them.

System Marketing is a business including individuals, despite the fact that the email is an extraordinary approach to impart, it doesn’t give the same nature of association you can get by chatting on the telephone, and however the email acts as leverage, for when you need to call prospects in various nations.

The web is likewise ideal for lead era in system advertising. You now have a tremendous database of data where you can catch names and email addresses.

Online networking on the web has turned into the ideal stage to make new companions, publicize your items and also suggest items

Associating with individuals is the base on which organize showcasing capacities, when consolidated with the web it fills in as an impeccable marriage, between two very much coordinated viewpoints and can just work to support you. Not with standing while utilizing the web you require not overlook even the ordinary techniques, it is dependent upon you how best you keep up a harmony between them further bolstering your good fortune.

As you can see above internet must be your one of major strategy for building your MLM business from the scratch.  There is facebook, google, twitter, pinterest, reddit, and tumblr where you build your business very fast.

If you would like to know more about MLM Plan then Ventaforce is must need for your all business solutions.

Basic Terminologies used in MLM Marketing Software (Part 1)


For a beginner in the network marketing, understanding of the business terminology and principles is very important. The same terminologies are used in MLM Marketing software also. Let us see some of the terms and try to understand…

Distributor: A sales representative of an MLM company who has signed up an agreement with the company and pays a certain amount of fee. It is the member, who not only sells the products and services but also build his own team by recruiting other sales representatives under him. He/she is not the salaried person of the company, but he earns from the profits of selling the products/service of the company. Thus they are the independent business owners working in partnership with the MLM Company.

Sponsor: A sponsor is a member of a network who recruited another member in the same network. In the above diagram, A is the sponsor for A1 and A2. So, A can say he has sponsored two members A1 and A2. He may either be the leaders or a distributor.

Directs: The members which are sponsored in a network by an existing member of the same network. As in the diagram, A1 and A2 are directs of A. A3 and A4 are directs of A1and so on….

Downline: It is the entire group of members, distributors have recruited under him. Here in the above diagram, A1, A2, A3, A4 are the part of the downline of A. Sales and referrals done by A1, A2, A3, and A4 also generates income for A.

Upline: It refers to sponsor who recruited you and all the above members in the same line. As in diagram, A1, A is the upline of A3. It has same meaning as your sponsor and your sponsor’s sponsor and so on or your immediate boss and all the above big bosses.

Sideline: Members of the same network as yours but they are not in your downline or upline. In above diagram A2 comes in A3’s sideline.

Frontline: Frontline consists of the members which are directly recruited by you. There is no one between them and you. They will benefit you the most out of sales done by them.

Genealogy/Tree: It refers to the entire tree structure represented in a graphical form of the members in a downline who share the same goals of marketing & selling the main MLM Company’s products or services. They may or may not be in direct touch with each other. Each member keep records of their genealogy namely name, phone number, address, email id, their status etc. and generate reports as and when required. In network marketing, more the members, better it is. As it generates more income for main leader because he earns commissions and residual income from the business done.

Level: The vertical position of the member is known as the level. The first set of sponsored members are at level 1, their sponsored members will come at level 2. In above diagram, A1 & A2 are at level 1 and A3 & A4 are at level 2.

Leg: Each member you sponsor forms a leg in your downline. In above diagram A1 and A2 are on two leg – left & right of A. Further, A1 and A2 will recruit members under them and form legs for you.

Width: How broad your network is at first level.

Depth: Number of levels your network is going.


We will further see some more glossary terms in next part….

Required Qualities of a Good Sponsor in a MLM Company


Finding a good sponsor to join an mlm company is very critical. Even if the company itself is reputable and with a strong business growth plans, but your sponsor is not the best one for you then it may lead to your failure. Having a good sponsor is as important as joining a good mlm company.

It is important to do a thorough research about the potential sponsors and not just decide to have someone a sponsor because he/she introduced you to the business. It is true that sponsor is not responsible for your success but he/she definitely plays a part in your efforts towards success.

Many beginners have sponsors without giving much of a thought or out of obligation. They either select someone from the family or friends out of relation and then they find out that they are not having those qualities of a good sponsor. They do not have much idea of what is MLM, what is internet marketing. Leave aside the training and mentoring, the person does not have any idea of what he/she is doing.

Many times, someone introduces you to the opportunity, but somehow you feel that this is the kind of Mlm Company I want to join but does want to have this kind of sponsor.

Many people, make some search on the internet and think that he/she is a good sponsor. They find his/her online presence quite good and conclude that it is ok to have this sponsor. They do not double check with the references or any other people to find out more about that person. Many times the selection turns out to be fine but many times it is a scam or a disaster.

And you find that your sponsor is

  • Not reachable
  • Not giving you enough guidance
  • Does not return your email or calls
  • Is not able to answer my queries
  • Has not internet marketing knowledge
  • And various other reasons….


  • First of all, you need to select a good MLM company. Don’t go with the opportunities that are offered to you but you find out the good opportunity and the good company. The company should have a good reputation, good products, ethical business practices, success stories etc.
  • After narrowing down on a company on the basis of above criterion, search for some successful people in it. Find out more about their background, their knowledge, their strong points, their attitude towards business as well as other people and what made them successful. On the basis of all such research, who can be best for you depending on your goal and your knowledge?

After this initial screening look for other qualities which are needed in a good sponsor…..

Is he/ she supportive? Does she/he have leadership quality? Is he/she available?

When you are new to MLM business, you definitely needs someone who can guide you strong at the initial stage. You need training, you need support from the organisation to understand about the company, its products, it compensation plan, and various other things. You may even have queries at many times so is your sponsor available to you at those times or does he/she get back to you? Does he/she reply your emails or return back your calls. These are all the leadership qualities which a new entrant looks at and takes him/her as a role model.

Is he/she enthusiasts? Is he/she actively building their business? Are they developing their business online?

If the answers to above question is no then better select some other sponsor. If they are not enthusiastic, you will feel bored eventually. If they are not actively building business then they will not be interested in promoting you. Nowadays online presence is a must and if your sponsor is not much keen on going online or does not know how to leverage online avenues then he may not be able to impart the keys to generate leads online.

Is sponsor energetic/positive? Possess good knowledge base?

These are two qualities must for a sponsor. As a beginner, these are the qualities you look up in to your sponsor because a positive and energetic start is always looked forward for a new beginning.

Does he or she have good knowledge of how the mlm business works? Does he knows the criticality of every aspect and is he able to impart you the same knowledge to you or are you left on your own to discover the things?

These are some of the many qualities which are desirable in a sponsor of Mlm Company. One needs to be smart to get a smart sponsor to star right and progress well in the business.